Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woohoo...theres a special comming up!

We made the blog! WOohoo... :) Just saw one of our engagement pics ( as well as one of my little angel niece taylor and bro. in-law Chad) on a picture collage on the fabulous Lucy Clement's blog! She's announcing a special on April 16th on her blog so don't miss out!  To find out more just head on over to LucyClementPhotography!

a happy little kitchen...

I love this small yet so efficient! (Im sure there is a hidden dishwasher in there somewhere ;) ) I love the use of color...very European. Most would be very hesitant about literally going green with any of their cabinetry, but I think this is done very tasteful and because of the other design decisions made through out the space it is very un-"brady" shall we say.
Some of my favorite elements about this space are:
1.) Clean Lines: I love the hint of a curve in the cannery and table The floating shelves also help it seem more weightless and simplified.
2.)Unique tile: Its great to see this understated rectangular tile used not only as a back splash but on the entire wall. I think it makes the space look larger than if the tile had only been restricted to the back splash
3.) Utensil Wall Rack: Have a great purpose, especially in a small kitchen and look great too...almost industrial! Im always so tempted to buy these when I visit Ikea!
4.) Table+Counter Duo: This is soooo something I would have sketched up in design school...maybe thats why I love it so much. Its great because it had multi functions and lends itself to the multifunction of  the space.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personal Business Card Design

(Click on image to see it in a larger view)

Well even though I do not have my website up yet,  (although I have my domain registered and hosting space acquired, yay!)  I wanted to get started on my business cards so that I can have them in by the time the site is up. Makes sense right? Well,  Im having a hard time figuring out which layout go go with. So I thought maybe y'all can help me decide. What do you think?

Valentine "Lantern" How-To

Want to learn how to make these adorable lanterns I made for our Valentine Tea Party? Well here they are! Just follow these simple instructions and you will soon be on your way to having your own beautiful   faux lanterns... {They're actually an icosahedron: a shape with 20 faces) I did not invent this wonderful decor piece by the way...but i love them!

In order to make 6 lanterns you will need 120 regular sized paper plates (1 package), a stapler with staples,  and spray paint

First: Take a paper plate and fold three sides of it so that it makes a triangle shape.

( you quite a few by the way ) :)

                                                           Staple two of the plates together

Continue stapling them together....

... until you have five stapled together in this shape. (you will need two of these pieces per lantern)

Next, staple together the triangular shaped pieces alternating back and forth ( rotating the pieces 180 degrees each time).

 Do this until you have 10 stapled together.

Now staple both ends of this strand of 10 together so that it makes a ring...

Now just staple the first group of 5 to the top, and another group of 5 to the bottom....

and voila!

Then just add your paint and you are done!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a Valentine Tea Party...for Miss Karmyn

Well the party was a success! Ive never hosted a tea party before, but since our guest's ages ranged from 15 months to 6 year olds I think they weren't too tied up in the formalities of it. We had punch and sprite in place of tea, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots and dip, cheeses, grapes and strawberries. For the sweeter side we had lots of candies and chocolates, home made truffles, red velvet cupcakes, and sugar cookies. The kids enjoyed decorating their own heart cookies, making Valentines, and chowing down on candy! Later we played in the back yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

These lanterns were such a hit...i love them! Ill post a "how to" on them this week!

We had a great time and love having get together's at our new home! Cant wait for Easter! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Google Office in PA

Have yall seen the new Google office in Pittsburgh? OMG...I love it. Google, they are just too much. And they obviously know what they are doing... so lets take some tips from them.
Most important lesson of all is that Google knows how an environment affects those who inhabit it. Sooo important and yet so overly ignored by most offices all over the world. They want their employees happy, healthy, and working hard. And, here, they have given those employees the capabilities of doing just that. In the article where i found all these lovely images ( ) the writer states that Google had 3 key elements they wanted to see in this new space...1.) Unique "wow" factors, 2.) Quiet areas for escape and relaxation ( um yes please!) and 3.) Family environment for everyday users.
Google also reused this space (vs. the alternative of building a brand new building on a new piece of land or worse... demolishing an old space. It was an old biscuit factory, and they embraced every bit of it! They even incorporated some of the old machinery into the design of this awesome space.

 I think I would..I know I would LOVE working in a space like this, not only because they space is beautiful, inspiring, and stimulating... but mainly because the big guys and girls in charge know how to treat their employees right... Thats the best.
Please read more here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

simple. positive. helvetica.

I love simple, happy prints. I really enjoy this one...the layout ( it reminds me of one of my graphic design text books) and just the simple message. {Plus who doesn't love Helvetica?}
I found this on Design Milk's post today...and you can download it for free! A studio called Bisgràfic
came up with the idea to create positive, well designed posters in the name of, well, positivity and design! All the posters are free to download ( many are in foreign languages) and all share this beautiful font, grid back ground, and the black on white can even download them as wallpapers for you know ;) Click here!


As I lie in bed, sore, achy, and exhausted from my workout with Jillian Michaels, via her "30 Day Shred" DVD, Im dreaming of soaking in a nice hot tub with beautiful scenery and relaxing...This place will do! I love the convergence of this tub and pool which runs from inside to out in this beautiful space that is surrounded by an even more beautiful environment of tropical goodness! I love the open and weightless feel that the glass openings and cantilevered fixtures provide. And when Im drying off in my luxuriously thick and fuzzy robe I can relax in the fantastic egg chair by Arne Jacobsen! Sounds like a date!

Valentines...To Give or Not to Give

Were not planning a very big Vday this year...Matt says there is no way he can beat last year's so he's not going to strain himself trying lol. {Last year he planned an elaborate weekend at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, where he proposed!} We are having dinner at the Village Tavern and then who knows. Im sure Ill plan a few little sweet things to do for him. I rather have homemade thoughtful gifts! Im not a big jewelry person {or flower person either....maybe unless he picked them himself! or grew them in our yard for me :)}...but I wouldnt mind a few of these little lovelies! Like the Andy Warhol lips mug above from Bloomingdales  

or these notebooks from Archie Grand Notebooks at
Find more great ideas here.

What are you giving {or wanting!} for Valentine's Day this Year?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Today marks our 6 months of marriage! {and no im not pregnant}

6 months ago today I married the most wonderful man in the world. My soul mate! I love him so much and I can not believe how quickly time has flown by! Although I was perfectly aware that today was our 6 month anniversary, The Knot, the well known wedding site I did utilize a lot for planning, brainstorming, blogs, etc sent me a little reminder. Sweet, however, I cant believer they expected me to be pregnant already?! I think its pretty funny really but still...really?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Valentine Tea Party...Wilson Style!

With one week left to go until the big Valentine Tea Party I have been super busy making preparations all week. For now I thought I show you the invite I designed for the party!
Hopefully Ill be able to start blogging more again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bring it on February!

January 2011 has come and gone and now we are on to February 2011. Ill have to admit, I think January went pretty well. I started many of my resolutions ( yes i do make resolutions, as cliche as it sounds...not only in January but all the time! I think resolutions are great even if its popular now a days not to make them.) I started going to the gym, couponing, attending our Sunday School class at church, I finished my undergrad portfolio and started my thesis portfolio. Im excited what February has to offer and Im going to keep working hard on all my projects. Im happily anticipating Karmyn's Tea Party...More on that to follow!