Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

a few happy little pictures of our happy little tree! (thats just dripping with happy little ornaments)
some of my favorite ornaments...

These were my memaw's..I love them! They remind me of "two turtle doves"

Matt's Elvis ornament from Memphis

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who said Christmas Sweaters are ugly?

Ok so most of them kind of are...although I loved them as a child! My mom wore them and I can remember sitting in her lab and pinching the knotted threads that made up trees and gifts sequined with sparkles. I even sported a few myself...Now everyone wears the tacky Christmas sweater parties. Well Nora loves hers. But then again she looks cute in anything...or nothing ;) Merry Christmas from Nora!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thinking about our first Christmas Dinner as "The Wilson's'"

Im so excited about Matt and my first Christmas together as a family! This will also be my first Christmas away from my tennessee family...sooo for our Christmas dinner Im thinking Ill bring some of our traditions to Nc! This is what I have so far for our Christmas feast...A Roasted Chicken..Greek Style with potatoes, onions, and carrots ( Ive never cooked a chicken like this before! eek!), homemade yeast rolls (yeah that means from scratch!), Matt's Mom's famous "Cranberry Crunch",  Matt & Em's greek green beans, parmesan corn on the cob, Uncl Pete's Blueberry salad, and Grannie's sweet potato casserole! Itll probably grow but this is it for now...but what to do for dessert?! Thats my favorite part! I think Im just exhausted from designing the meal...oh and the breakfast were planning too...Monkey Bread (Davis Christmas morning tradition, Country Ham with  red eye gravy (Matt's tradition which he will be conducting), eggs, bacon, and sausage rolls....whew. Mom how'd you do it all these years!? Ill miss you this Christmas Day...But so excited about seeing you on Monday!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Professional Portfolio: One of my latest projects...

 This is one of my latest shop designs for the company I work full time as both an interior and graphic designer. The concept of the shop was to be both a juice shop as well as a full espresso bar.
The owners are Greek so that was kind of neat to get to work with some successful Greek entrepreneurs (my mom's family is from Greece as well!). One of the owners was an artist who I had a lot in common with. I worked closely with her on designing the interior to have a high gloss finished modern European feel. Many different types of lighting were introduced in the space (pendants, mini recessed cans, track, and backlighting in custom units). The main materials were concrete for the flooring, high gloss painted ceiling ( lay in panels due to time restraints), walnut laminate around the bar and built-in bench back, and high gloss white, and lime paint. We were limited on certain levels because of the intense deadline of the project. The images below were the results...

Getting Back in the groove...

I have been away from my blog for quite a while...too long! It wasn't by choice though. Moving is a horrible process for me. Its consumed my life really. We've been painting, rewiring, unpacking, organizing, hanging, lighting, and decorating like crazy! My awesome parents and little brother came in town to help...we could have never got done what we did without them. They were awesome, working daylight to dark. Matt, Karmyn and I love our new home ( and so do Eli & Nora!). We even got a few inches of snow our first weekend there....

Ill be posting pictures of our new home soon...I just want every room to be just right before I document the "final"....I'll post the be-fore's too. Im ready to start my designing back up and going at it hard. So excited and inspired by the thought of a fresh new year...Look at 2011!