Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thinking about our first Christmas Dinner as "The Wilson's'"

Im so excited about Matt and my first Christmas together as a family! This will also be my first Christmas away from my tennessee family...sooo for our Christmas dinner Im thinking Ill bring some of our traditions to Nc! This is what I have so far for our Christmas feast...A Roasted Chicken..Greek Style with potatoes, onions, and carrots ( Ive never cooked a chicken like this before! eek!), homemade yeast rolls (yeah that means from scratch!), Matt's Mom's famous "Cranberry Crunch",  Matt & Em's greek green beans, parmesan corn on the cob, Uncl Pete's Blueberry salad, and Grannie's sweet potato casserole! Itll probably grow but this is it for now...but what to do for dessert?! Thats my favorite part! I think Im just exhausted from designing the meal...oh and the breakfast were planning too...Monkey Bread (Davis Christmas morning tradition, Country Ham with  red eye gravy (Matt's tradition which he will be conducting), eggs, bacon, and sausage rolls....whew. Mom how'd you do it all these years!? Ill miss you this Christmas Day...But so excited about seeing you on Monday!

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