Friday, March 21, 2014

My Master Bedroom: Before & After

Our master bedroom was similar to the other bedrooms in the house, not much wrong but needed some color, the rim needed painting, and a more contemporary fan were among my top priority changes for the space. 

So here is the "Before": 

And here are the "Afters":

Personally, I love dark walls. I know the thought of a dark color on that paint swatch is intimidating, but it gives so much opportunity for drama, light, and contrast. All these elements make for a space full of interest. And dark walls in the bedroom means a dark space for sleeping... and I love to sleep! It's a very warm and comforting space. Everything in the room was transferred over from our old room in NC except for that long, tall mirror which was left in our "new" house and was actually made by the owner. They had it hanging horizontally in the den but it did not work there with our new configuration and I've always wanted a nice full length mirror in the bedroom, this one just happens to be an overachiever! I plan to have the window panels re-worked soon so that they hang from below the trim to the floor but that will be down the road. Can't do it all at once!

The dresser, chest, and nightstand were Matt's parent's. "Vintage" Stanley Furniture. ;) My night stand is a thrifted little Mid-Century piece that I revamped but I still to photograph that one! We stained our bed a few years ago to make it work better with our other pieces. We also added a more modern fan that or baby loves to watch ;) and the lamps are from Target. 

So here's what the floor plan looks like: 

You can see that we have lots of lamps and chose to have no over head light when we picked our new fan. I find that one overhead light usually is not the best choice in a bedroom and much rather have the option of have all my lamps on for bright light or be more selective with my light sources for a dimmer setting at night. 

This room is a bit bigger than our previous bedroom yet still on the smaller side in terms of a "Master". It is an older house though so it's to be expected. We plan to gut the bathroom (which is not pictures but is all pink!) as well as re-egineer the closet. We will work with what we have and push the space to it's full advantage. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Armoire Lovin'

I stumbled upon this picture a few years ago and instantly fell in love with this idea. I'm a sucker for organization and throw furniture into the mix and I'm a goner. Just ask the husband :)

We don't have a dedicated space for an office, but we have all of our "office" stuff dispersed through out (printer, paper, stapler, books, tape, glue, utensils, etc.)

So I have been on the look out for an armoire to transform. I access our local resale pages on Facebook quite religiously and found one on there for a best offer. My budget was $50 (because i had just sold som clothes on there for that amount and figured I could just use that for my investment basically making it an even trade). So I offered $50 and she took it!

So here it is....

I am planning on changing out the hardware, leaving the exterior as is, painting the interior a fun color, adding a pull out shelf, a fabric pin board, and a chalk board.
Here are some more great inspiration pics I found on Pinterest.

{source: pinterest with no link ugh!}

I also stumbled upon this page from Better Homes and Gardens here. They have featured so many cute ways to reuse armoires in several different spaces of the home.  I love the flexibility they offer and some creative solutions for all different uses. They create a great source of organization and conceal potential mess while looking beautiful on the outside. I love that most are painted on the outside and interior, just another element of fun they offer. Check them out....maybe they will inspire you to come up with a creative use of your own.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bring It On Basement.

In our new home we were fortunate enough to have a basement! It is very raw and far from finished but that's ok because it's even more of a blank canvas to work with. It's not a full basement, but covers about half of the house. Right now we use it as storage space, laundry room, and a doggy playroom. I also have my desk and craft stuff down there too but since it's not heated and cooled it's  not the most enjoyable space to work in. There are two windows so it actually gets a fair amount of natural light. I'm down there ALL the time doing laundry and I can't help but think of how much more enjoyable this space could be (and will be!). My husband's not ready to jump into another huge project and I can't blame him. We have barely finished our move-in projects plus we have a little baby now but I can still dream and draw and plan!

The planning phase has officially begun. Hopefully soon I'll take measurements and draw up a floorplan to start some space planning but for now I'm working on some inspiration.  

Here are some elements I'd love to include in the renovation whenever that may occur :).

I love this wood slat treatment to the stairs. Right now our stairs leading down are completely enclosed so I think it would be nice to open it up. (Also, I'm loving the polished concrete floors but more on that later).

I really like the introduction of wood to this space. So fresh and simple. But what I like most about the space above is the ceiling. At first I wanted to finish out the ceiling, but after seeing so many great exposed rafter ceilings I'm starting to change my tune.

I've always loved these big, sliding barn doors. They've never worked for any space in our homes but could definitely work in our basement.

I love built-insand under the stairs is a great opportunity for doing something special. A little reading nook like the one above would be perfect.

I've also always loved these built in bunk beds and think they are so fun and such a great use of space. It wouldn't work under our stairs but possibly on a wall somewhere down there. I know they would come in use for sleepovers and house guests.

My family teases me for having (and using!) so many different light sources. But you use some for different needs and times of the day. I love the options and I love light! Lighting up the steps is awesome especially for little ones (and big clumsy ones) in the night.

Usually I am always about clean, simplified and modern design but I appreciate (almost) all genres. I do love earthy, reclaimed, raw elements... and I'm loving the idea of a wooden wall with reclaimed wood, old fence posts, wooden floor slats, or maybe even pallets. It adds texture and interest. Very cool.

And last but not least... we have the flooring. The floor is already concrete of course, but I'm ok with keeping it that way. We might stain and or polish it and I think that will add another great layer of texture and interest. Just add lots of cute rugs. :)

After my digging around through pinterest for all these elements that I'd like to see in our future basement renovation I then stumbled upon this great space. It too is a renovated basement, however it includes almost all the elements I am looking for and even the same types of spaces. So cool! It's a great precedent study for what works and what might not. But this whole space is just lovely. Check it out here.
 But here are most of the images for your viewing pleasure:

Hopefully I'll be able to update you soon... at least with some "before's" and some plans. I've got to space my projects out a bit to give my husband (and family) a break. :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Candi D: Young Girl's Clothing Line

I was able to work on a new project over the past few weeks for a local client. I was so excited when she contacted me because her concept was so unique! She is starting a clothing line for young girls and while it is fashion, I loved that it wasn't geared toward only girly girls. She wanted a fun, fresh logo that was simple yet reflected the brand name. After many different renditions, process work, and back and forth emails, we settled on this design and color scheme. I really love it.  What do you think?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My 1950's Ranch: Foyer | Living Room | Dining Room MAKEOVER

This is my second "Makeover Post" for my 1950's Ranch. (If you missed the first, it was on our hall bath and you can check it out here.) I grouped three spaces into this post because they all somewhat lead in to one another so bear with me on the length. It's mainly pictures because that's what we really want to see. 

The entire home was pretty much as it was when it was built. Stained wood trim on both the ceiling and bases through out every room as well as all the doors. So we painted and we painted and we painted, and then we painted some more. (When I say 
"we" I mean my awesome husband, family, a friend who is pretty much a painting professional {thank goodness} and my {at the time } very pregnant self. I think that took the most time out of anything we did. (except for the Kitchen...but that's another story!)

So here are some "before's"...


 And now for the "After's"

So as you can see, the paint really brightens up the space. We also added another light fixture in the hallway so that helps too. A geometric runner in the hall also matches the rug in the foyer.

I used a bright turquoise blue in the foyer. The one wall that remains white will get a special treatment later on.  I chose black for the door's coat of paint and we replaced the stain glass with clear panes to give the door a fresh look. A vintage table greets you when you enter in... it was passed down from my husband's mother.  I thrifted the geometric mirror and painted it a mustard hue. The lamp was also thrifted and I covered the shade with a Dwell Studio geometric fabric that I had used on a chair in the adjoining space. The oversized "W" is a hollow cardboard letter that I spray painted with some silver metallic paint.

The living room is a mix of new and old. Some pieces are thrifted, some are retail, some I made, some I rescued and revamped, but my favorite pieces here are the Italian marble mid century end tables and coffee table that were my grandparents from when they got married. The art on the walls are prints of downtown Memphis that hung in my Papou's restaurant downtown for over 30 years. The bench in the corner now has a new home in the den, but that was a piece I designed and built while I was in design school.

Here are some process pictures...

The black shelf was made by my Mom and Dad as a Christmas gift for me years ago.

These chairs were Habitat finds (even the amazing faux tweed fabric was thrifted!) which I had recovered. The turquoise credenza was a craigslist find that I painted.

The Living Room and Dining Room are pretty open to each other, but the dark navy walls in the dining room  create a visible separation while allowing for the spaces to still be open.

The dining table was another piece passed down from my Grandparents, while the credenza was a thrifted rehab piece. 

(click on image to view larger)

Artsy gallery wall. The ferris wheel photograph was a picture I took during a summer visit to Santa Monica on the pier. The painting was a collaborative effort between my step daughter and I. My mom and dad made and painted the chevron frame that holds a picture of my step daughter Karmyn. I got the faux antlers at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them white. The gold artichokes are from design school. I used an artichoke as my concept for a project in second year and so I went out and bough the vegetable, cut it in half and set int on my desk to study its layers and to inspire my process. It actually didi not rot but dried out nicely, so I spray painted it and have displayed it on m walls ever since. The stippling drawing in the middle was one of my mom's art pieces from high school. The graphic print is a piece I created from a favorite quote that serves as a nice daily reminder.  It's a picture of downtown Memphis and features a some shops, one of which is a jewelry shop that years later would be where my Dad bought her engagement ring.

And that's the end of these spaces make over. Stay tuned for the next space!