Friday, March 21, 2014

My Master Bedroom: Before & After

Our master bedroom was similar to the other bedrooms in the house, not much wrong but needed some color, the rim needed painting, and a more contemporary fan were among my top priority changes for the space. 

So here is the "Before": 

And here are the "Afters":

Personally, I love dark walls. I know the thought of a dark color on that paint swatch is intimidating, but it gives so much opportunity for drama, light, and contrast. All these elements make for a space full of interest. And dark walls in the bedroom means a dark space for sleeping... and I love to sleep! It's a very warm and comforting space. Everything in the room was transferred over from our old room in NC except for that long, tall mirror which was left in our "new" house and was actually made by the owner. They had it hanging horizontally in the den but it did not work there with our new configuration and I've always wanted a nice full length mirror in the bedroom, this one just happens to be an overachiever! I plan to have the window panels re-worked soon so that they hang from below the trim to the floor but that will be down the road. Can't do it all at once!

The dresser, chest, and nightstand were Matt's parent's. "Vintage" Stanley Furniture. ;) My night stand is a thrifted little Mid-Century piece that I revamped but I still to photograph that one! We stained our bed a few years ago to make it work better with our other pieces. We also added a more modern fan that or baby loves to watch ;) and the lamps are from Target. 

So here's what the floor plan looks like: 

You can see that we have lots of lamps and chose to have no over head light when we picked our new fan. I find that one overhead light usually is not the best choice in a bedroom and much rather have the option of have all my lamps on for bright light or be more selective with my light sources for a dimmer setting at night. 

This room is a bit bigger than our previous bedroom yet still on the smaller side in terms of a "Master". It is an older house though so it's to be expected. We plan to gut the bathroom (which is not pictures but is all pink!) as well as re-egineer the closet. We will work with what we have and push the space to it's full advantage. Stay tuned!