Thursday, April 14, 2011

a white vase for a black shelf...

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I have been looking for the perfects piece (or pieces) to add to my black shelf of vases. (see below) The majority of them are white and Id like to fill the whole shelf with white so I'll need a few more. Above I have listed some that I found online that I thought would work well. I really like the long exaggerated pieces and also the curves and clean lines of some of the others. I just hope Nora and Lincoln respect the beauty of my shelves of sculptures... if not I could have a big mess on my hands (resulting in a shrine of soft and unbreakable collectibles)!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is here!

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Don't we all just LOVE spring? I mean how can you not? Everything is so fresh and new! It just screams optimism! I know it has definitely been screaming encouragement and cheerfulness my way!
Well during this time of the year I always look forward to the switching of the wardrobes ... packing the sweaters and pulling out the dresses! And of course its always fun to add a few cute new items to your collection. Here are some that I wouldn't mind if they just dropped in to my closet!
1.  Tie-Shoulder Tiered Sundress from Old Navy in White Ikat Print...I love airy sundresses in cute sunny prints. This one has great details and its on sale for $25 online!
2. Merona Emeline Braided Flat Sandals in Coral. Ohhh how beachy are these? From Target.
3. You've gotta have some color... on your face too! Why not add it on with some bronzer from Benefit, "Hoola".
4.  I love having brightly colored toes during flip-flop weather... and we all know how much I love Orange! Im definitely adoring this color (and the name) by OPI, "A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find".
5. For me, a big bag is a must. But if its an awesome color... even better! Oh and tassels and fringe are in for spring hand bags! Try this one, Glove Leather Zip Top Hobo Bag with Stud Accents in Sunny Yellow by B. Makowsky.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

subway tile... i love it

I love the modern, sophisticated look of subway tiles. They're different but still simple and fun yet still sophisticated.  I love them so much that Im going to add them to my kitchen as a backsplash. I think I like this color here...its called "lush" from modwalls. Our kitchen walls are a mustardy-oatmealish color with espresso colored cabinets.
what do you think?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did you know?

I found out about this a few months ago and forgot to post about it. I know how much we all miss domino magazine....I started getting them when they first came out (which coincidently was when I started design school as well.) Did you know that you can access most of the design goodness of Domino on Yes! You can! I know! How exciting. Im sure Ill be pulling from this source in posts to come but for now you should go check it out....Here!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a pixilated palace...for porcelain

I love this bathroom...I mean how amazing is the tile? I love the simplistic yet dramatic impact the black and white has and all the yellow pops of color.

I love seeing the interiors of drawers painted fun colors...and this piece imparticular is great....look closely to how it opens. It looks like a door but its actually a shelf.

My mid-boring living room...

One of the spaces I have yet to paint in our new home is the largest, and also the first impression our guest get upon entry...our living room. I have many different colors and patterns  in this space so Ive been hesitant on selecting a color for the walls. For instance we have grayish knavish sofas, an orange poang chair, two wooden/mint green thong chairs, beige/green pillows, black and white chevron print pillows, caramel geometric print pillows, burnt orange curtains, olive curtains, wood and black accents.
(Ill post a more recent pic lata!)

Ive noticed that many MCM interiors have neutral colored walls, but having lived the last 7 years in white walled apartments, I really am tired of looking at neutral pallets. 

I do like that all the spaces above use pops of color, something I am also doing, but I still want to bring it all together with a new wall color. I think it will tie all those "pops" together.

Soooo I need to figure out some color. Im thinking maybe a light olive almost beige, a oatmealish caramel, or a creamier cream ( more like a vanilla latte)...hmmm these colors are making me hungry!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I promise...Im still alive

I have had A LOT of stuff going on...{Its been crazy!} But it is all for the better and Im very excited about the wonderful changes that are coming my way. I have also been hard at work on my website which Im happy to say is almost 100% up! So go on and check it out...atlas it proves Ive been up to something ( because I obviously haven't been blogging! ) Im going to try to start blogging more... Ive missed it so!
                                              w w w . e m i l y w i l s o n d e s i g n . c o m