Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My mid-boring living room...

One of the spaces I have yet to paint in our new home is the largest, and also the first impression our guest get upon entry...our living room. I have many different colors and patterns  in this space so Ive been hesitant on selecting a color for the walls. For instance we have grayish knavish sofas, an orange poang chair, two wooden/mint green thong chairs, beige/green pillows, black and white chevron print pillows, caramel geometric print pillows, burnt orange curtains, olive curtains, wood and black accents.
(Ill post a more recent pic lata!)

Ive noticed that many MCM interiors have neutral colored walls, but having lived the last 7 years in white walled apartments, I really am tired of looking at neutral pallets. 

I do like that all the spaces above use pops of color, something I am also doing, but I still want to bring it all together with a new wall color. I think it will tie all those "pops" together.

Soooo I need to figure out some color. Im thinking maybe a light olive almost beige, a oatmealish caramel, or a creamier cream ( more like a vanilla latte)...hmmm these colors are making me hungry!

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  1. i really think you should stay neautral even if it is in the tones of grays, emm you have an eye, dont fret, color can ALWAYS be changed. i would try to add more of your favorite color, than alot of others, dont know if its true but they say no more than 4 colors??? who knows i say do whatyou love, we miss you both!!!! love yall


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