Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Series!

I'm excited about a new little series I have come up featuring one of my favorite subjects: Nora, my adorable little Boston Terrier who is my constant source of laughter. She really is a character and does the funniest things, some on a day to day basis, some are acts of randomness. Either way, she is entertaining. Stay Tuned for the first post!

Sold: Smokey Glass Mugs

These bad boys are headed out to Brooklyn, New York this week. I've recently fell in love with "smokey glass". I've got another set of 2 heavy pedestal glasses in the shop and just acquired a set of smokey glass goblets this week so there will still be some smokey glass representing in the shop. These little mugs are petite and delicate yet their smokey quality adds some grounding. I love the color and the unique attribute of a translucent mug. 
Check out their beauty shots below.

Be on the look out for more smokey glass being added to the shop in the near future!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's Mix It Up a Bit... Shall We?

I don't think it's a secret at all that I love good 'ole classic, Mid Century Modern design. And if I could, I would fill my home with it like a museum. However, I love to see these pieces paired with unlikely partners almost just as much. I'm all about some contrast. I think the differences between two pieces (from diverse design styles) almost highlights those unique traits that each piece holds. 

Some of my favorite contrasting combos are: MCM + Rustic, MCM+classic/traditional, and well lets be honest, anything that involves MCM. But it has to be done the right way of course. I love the mix of texture, color, pattern, and painted vs. wood finish. Ahhh the possibilities are endless!

Just check out some of these goodies below:

I would be more than happy in any of these spaces. I think these interiors tell a story. When you mix and match items from collections, periods, and styles, you will more than likely end up with items not only from different points in your life but also different points in design history that show progress and change. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This lovely little vintage hole punch just left the shop on it's way to GA. I found this little guy at my first estate sale. Everything in this home was so retro and fantastic. They actually had 3 of these there and I really regret not getting them all. I want one now!

you know...

don't you agree? I whipped this little diddy up today as I thought about all my wonderful comrades and how thankful for the how much I get to see the ones who are close and how much I miss the one who are far away. You guys are the best.

Monday, May 7, 2012

This Week's Project

Today I was able to start work with a client that I have been working with since January via email. This couple is from Saudi Arabia and their amazing home was designed by the husband who is an architect. We had a long day today and we were all exhausted by 5 but we made some progress. Some of the manufacturers we are looking at are Century, Barbara Barry, Vanguard, Lillian August, Lexington, and Huntington House. I cant wait to share more with you once we finalize all the spaces. It's going to be a long week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh hello.

Unfortunately I have not written a post in almost a month. I must admit I have felt quite guilty about it and have had nothing but the best of intentions to create one. I have had soooo many different things going on and Im excited to catch you up on it one post at a time :)

To start us off, I thought I would share some of my favorite thrift finds over the last few weeks.
I found this little beauty and was so excited because I never find cool chairs! This one is great because while the seat will definitely have to be reupholstered, the rest is in great shape and I LOVE the high back with the amazing ladder back.

Next up we have a nice little modern end table. Im always attracted to the double decker variety but they are usually quite heavy and ornately carved so I was thrilled to find this simple one that has zero ornamental extras, some nice angles, slightly tapered legs, and a killer walnut finish ( Im 99% convinced that it is solid).

Over the past few months, I sadly must admit that I have become incredibly addicted to collecting plates, mugs, pyrex, and any type of associated dish ware. While I am working on this compulsive behavior, I have found some pretty sweet pieces. I got all of these below in the same night. :) oops.

Lastly, I found this awesome wing back chair at Goodwill for only $15. How could I have passed that up? I love this chair. I have been wanting a wingback for quite some time now and Im so glad to have discovered this guy. I will be having him reupholstered and I'm contemplating painting the legs. 

I'll let you guys know on the flip side!

We will meet talk soon...hopefully it wont take me a month! Here's to hoping.