Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh hello.

Unfortunately I have not written a post in almost a month. I must admit I have felt quite guilty about it and have had nothing but the best of intentions to create one. I have had soooo many different things going on and Im excited to catch you up on it one post at a time :)

To start us off, I thought I would share some of my favorite thrift finds over the last few weeks.
I found this little beauty and was so excited because I never find cool chairs! This one is great because while the seat will definitely have to be reupholstered, the rest is in great shape and I LOVE the high back with the amazing ladder back.

Next up we have a nice little modern end table. Im always attracted to the double decker variety but they are usually quite heavy and ornately carved so I was thrilled to find this simple one that has zero ornamental extras, some nice angles, slightly tapered legs, and a killer walnut finish ( Im 99% convinced that it is solid).

Over the past few months, I sadly must admit that I have become incredibly addicted to collecting plates, mugs, pyrex, and any type of associated dish ware. While I am working on this compulsive behavior, I have found some pretty sweet pieces. I got all of these below in the same night. :) oops.

Lastly, I found this awesome wing back chair at Goodwill for only $15. How could I have passed that up? I love this chair. I have been wanting a wingback for quite some time now and Im so glad to have discovered this guy. I will be having him reupholstered and I'm contemplating painting the legs. 

I'll let you guys know on the flip side!

We will meet talk soon...hopefully it wont take me a month! Here's to hoping.

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