Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Google Office in PA

Have yall seen the new Google office in Pittsburgh? OMG...I love it. Google, they are just too much. And they obviously know what they are doing... so lets take some tips from them.
Most important lesson of all is that Google knows how an environment affects those who inhabit it. Sooo important and yet so overly ignored by most offices all over the world. They want their employees happy, healthy, and working hard. And, here, they have given those employees the capabilities of doing just that. In the article where i found all these lovely images ( ) the writer states that Google had 3 key elements they wanted to see in this new space...1.) Unique "wow" factors, 2.) Quiet areas for escape and relaxation ( um yes please!) and 3.) Family environment for everyday users.
Google also reused this space (vs. the alternative of building a brand new building on a new piece of land or worse... demolishing an old space. It was an old biscuit factory, and they embraced every bit of it! They even incorporated some of the old machinery into the design of this awesome space.

 I think I would..I know I would LOVE working in a space like this, not only because they space is beautiful, inspiring, and stimulating... but mainly because the big guys and girls in charge know how to treat their employees right... Thats the best.
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  1. emily you and matt are amazing!!! i know your talents will soar, i wish you nothing but sucess with your new venture in life!!! Garry and I love yall!!!!


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