Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines...To Give or Not to Give

Were not planning a very big Vday this year...Matt says there is no way he can beat last year's so he's not going to strain himself trying lol. {Last year he planned an elaborate weekend at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, where he proposed!} We are having dinner at the Village Tavern and then who knows. Im sure Ill plan a few little sweet things to do for him. I rather have homemade thoughtful gifts! Im not a big jewelry person {or flower person either....maybe unless he picked them himself! or grew them in our yard for me :)}...but I wouldnt mind a few of these little lovelies! Like the Andy Warhol lips mug above from Bloomingdales  

or these notebooks from Archie Grand Notebooks at
Find more great ideas here.

What are you giving {or wanting!} for Valentine's Day this Year?

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  1. WE did Dinner at home! John Cooked Garlic Parmesan shrimp and I made some trimmings. Plus brownie sundaes and chocolate covered strawberries. We bought paint for our bedroom (Finally) Happy VDAY!


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