Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine "Lantern" How-To

Want to learn how to make these adorable lanterns I made for our Valentine Tea Party? Well here they are! Just follow these simple instructions and you will soon be on your way to having your own beautiful   faux lanterns... {They're actually an icosahedron: a shape with 20 faces) I did not invent this wonderful decor piece by the way...but i love them!

In order to make 6 lanterns you will need 120 regular sized paper plates (1 package), a stapler with staples,  and spray paint

First: Take a paper plate and fold three sides of it so that it makes a triangle shape.

( you quite a few by the way ) :)

                                                           Staple two of the plates together

Continue stapling them together....

... until you have five stapled together in this shape. (you will need two of these pieces per lantern)

Next, staple together the triangular shaped pieces alternating back and forth ( rotating the pieces 180 degrees each time).

 Do this until you have 10 stapled together.

Now staple both ends of this strand of 10 together so that it makes a ring...

Now just staple the first group of 5 to the top, and another group of 5 to the bottom....

and voila!

Then just add your paint and you are done!

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