Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a happy little kitchen...

I love this small yet so efficient! (Im sure there is a hidden dishwasher in there somewhere ;) ) I love the use of color...very European. Most would be very hesitant about literally going green with any of their cabinetry, but I think this is done very tasteful and because of the other design decisions made through out the space it is very un-"brady" shall we say.
Some of my favorite elements about this space are:
1.) Clean Lines: I love the hint of a curve in the cannery and table The floating shelves also help it seem more weightless and simplified.
2.)Unique tile: Its great to see this understated rectangular tile used not only as a back splash but on the entire wall. I think it makes the space look larger than if the tile had only been restricted to the back splash
3.) Utensil Wall Rack: Have a great purpose, especially in a small kitchen and look great too...almost industrial! Im always so tempted to buy these when I visit Ikea!
4.) Table+Counter Duo: This is soooo something I would have sketched up in design school...maybe thats why I love it so much. Its great because it had multi functions and lends itself to the multifunction of  the space.

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