Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just another new obsession...

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As some of you know I love white vases. Not so much milk glass, and defiantly not the "fru fru" type.... just simple, modern vases. I've started a little collection (read more about that here) and love finding new pieces to add to it. (I just hit the jackpot this Christmas... My mom added 4 to my stash!) Well don't get me wrong because Im definitely not moving on from my vase addiction but I have found another obsession that Im happy to add to my list. I love owls + I love white it makes perfect since why I would want to own every last one of these :) Just Kidding Matt! No Im not a hoarder, but I just love each one of these adorable little "chotchkies" and don't see how Ill ever narrow down the selections. I guess thats where the thrill of the hunt comes in!

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