Monday, December 5, 2011

Credenza Perfection

I am falling in love with credenzas, more and more everyday. My MCM addiction led me to them and now I can not stop pursuing them. I actually just purchased my very own and have it resting under our huge tv in the living room. (This has helped with the problem with the gigantic tv as the old stand was metal and glass which was too cold and lifeless, especialy paired with that tv. The warmth and character of the vintage wooden credenza has lended major improvements to the space.)

I love them natural, painted, or laquered. Preferably vintage, but some of the  newer ones Ive spotted at "the 'Land" are pretty sweet too. I think they work well in various spaces. They add weight and substance to interiors while providing storage and anchoring wall art, mirrors, and accessories.

Here are some of my faves Ive been spying...sources to come!

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