Saturday, January 7, 2012

Im feelin blue...

...Tiffany Blue to be exact. I know I sound like a broken record...but Im back to my living room wall color once again. I have solved the enormous tv problem by using a warm teak vintage credenza to anchor that huge monstrosity. Next I moved my black bookshelf to the side of the Tv, which is close to the same height. Now I need some drama, some contrast, some Life! So Im thinking color... Im exploring a few different options but in this post Im sharing some great spaces adorned in Tiffany Blue Walls. 

Keep in mind I have an entire window wall covered in a dark olive taupe, dark blue upholstery, Red womb chair, medium-warm case goods, and a oatmeal rug on a light parque floor. I think this tone of a blue would work great with the red and blue upholstery and provide the risky color Im flirting with. However....Thats a big commitment. 
But I mean, c'mon... Look at these drool worthy spaces:



Yum. So...What do YOU think?

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