Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love to sleep!

Like I mentioned in the previous post I am now a Design Consultant with Furnitureland South. We carry hundreds of manufactures and many different styles of furniture. While walking around in the 1.3 million square feet of showroom space on a daily basis I daydream about new elements to add to my home...or pieces I could switch out (aka upgrade!). I think one of the first things I want to "add" is a new bedroom set!  
I love these beds...They all have classic elements paired with modern lines. 

I love the headboard on this one! Not only the graphic pattern in the wood work...but the way the sides come out perpendicular to the headboard panel.

I love the simplicity of this bed by Bolier...but the lines and height add drama to the piece.

The graphic elements of the headboard are straight and almost understated, while the curve that is introduced in the headboard adds an unexpected twist!

Here's to sleeping in a good looking bed!

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