Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Do you have a vacation home that needs freshening up? Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the furniture in a space we are not using on a daily basis. Over time, certain pieces get outdated, worn, and just lose their appeal. Why not add a few stylish pieces to breathe new life into your home away from home?
Century Furniture Sectional{Image Courtesy of Century Furniture}
One of the best ways to bring life to a space is to look to nature and bring the outdoors in … but you can only have so many plants. Try bringing in the colors, textures, and lines that we see in nature instead! Soft, wave-like curves, high-gloss finishes, cool colors, gritty natural textures, and translucent accessories can add glimpses of the coast without stepping foot in the sand or laying an eye on a seashell. In fact, these subtle gestures can have a greater impact than the expected beach house decor.centuryblog_layout
{ 1. Arm Chair from Century, 2. Bedside Table from Century, 3. “Honor Floor Lamp” by Pacific Coast Lighting, 4. “007″ Lamp by Pacific Coast Lighting, 5. “Masquerade Chair” by Century, 6. Sofa by Century, 7. “Veranda: Mocha” Rug by Momeni}
{Image Courtesy of Century Furniture}
This display cabinet from Century would look great in a coastal home showcasing treasures from the beach. I love these soft blue accents through sandy white space.

{Image Courtesy of Century Furniture}
Create a bright and playful focal point in your space with these “Masquerade” chairs from Century. They’re a contemporary twist on a classic style that will lighten the mood and pull in some exciting floral motifs, high-gloss shine, and great color!
{Image Courtesy of Century Furniture}
Don’t feel like you are restricted to light colors! Go bold with accents of coral, turquoise, and navy like in this beautiful setting from Century! This color scheme is still reminiscent of the tropics, but has a lot of depth and contrast which goes great with the main white upholstered pieces.
So if you are thinking of  giving your home away from home a face lift , come see me and I would be happy to help you bring the coastal concept into your space!

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