Monday, January 3, 2011

O U R {new} H O M E !

This is our midcentury modern home in Greensboro! We recently found out that it was the first house built on our street back in 1959. It was also Better Homes and Gardens' "House of the Year" back then! (Still working on finding the floor plan and renderings online for it). Our neighbors, who have lived in the house they built next door since '61,  let us know that there is also another house in Greensboro that is identical to ours, the same floor plan! Im going to go scope it out ;)...They said ours was much prettier ;)



So heres the tour!

                                                           First up...The main living room.  Here are the befores...

That beam runs thru the room and extends out through the car port.

                                                 (Now!..we aren't "done" so I wont say "after")

Looks a little cluttered now bc we unpacked and decorated for Christmas simultaneously...( I do not recommend)

These curtains are covering 4 panels of sliding glass doors that open to the outdoor covered patio (pictures yet to come). That table is a danish modern piece, with Italian marble, that my Papou and Memaw got for their wedding...I have the matching side tables as well.

One of Nora's many spots... This bookshelf will move to where the tree is (its actually there now).

My mom did these for a little house warming gift for me...

My owl...I got this guy at Ten Thousand Villages in Greensboro...its a cool little  fair trade shop that offers goods from villages all over the globe each made by hand. Part of these proceeds went to benefit a fundraiser held by my former department of interior architecture...the students are designing and building a school in Ghana! They are actually all just arriving there now...Track their progress here...

Onto the kitchen...

The washer and dryer ( not these antiques, we brought our own...although they were in mint condition...just too small for us) are now moved into the large hallway closet after lots of hard work by Dad and Matt.


Notice Matt's pantry building skills in the back ground!

Ill have to get some more detailed pics but this is our range..its authentic to the house as far as we know. Each side folds down individually! Its so neat..we love it. And it works great, I use it almost everyday.

"We" painted the cabinets, well mom did, installed the hardware (matt did), installed all new lighting (dad's job), and added the island...I instructed :)

This is the table I designed and my dad built...pretty neat huh?!
I bought the stainless steel top off craigslist, the legs are recycled from an interesting former detail in the house, and the shelving boards we got marked way down at ikea.
He installed and wired the under cabinet and inside cabinet lighting in the piece above as well.
(I know...Im extremely fortunate!)

Moving on to the den...

(This little feature is now...gone)


My mom found these great chairs in Memphis....Dad refinished them and Mom recovered them...( blessed).

Pillows custom Mom

Love this fireplace! We have it on a lot! Super cozy...Nora loves fireplaces.

We plan to eventually run the wiring through the wall...(next trip right dad?)
;) Just kidding...(no really)

Retro photo cube that was my Mema's...Mom gave it to me and filled it with engagement, wedding, and honeymoon pics!

One of those danish modern matching in tables...

Great Lamp My Aunt Donna and Uncle Pete from Salisbury, NC found at an Estate Sale just for me...Love it!

Our shelves we love from Ikea's "as-is' section for only $10 in perfect condition.

"W" is for Wilson... from Anthropologie

One of the hallway's photo gallery...

...of our recent beautiful wedding in Memphis!

Karmyn's bathroom

Painting's by K

I still have a few more rooms to add but this should do for now! Expecting all you to come and visit soon!


  1. Congrats on the house Emily! It's lookin' good!

  2. great job! I loved the special skype tour I got Christmas eve, but it's nice to see the details!

  3. shoot Emily! Make some room for me! I'm moving in! Love your house!

  4. Oh Emily!!!!! You're place looks amazing!!!!!! So impressed by how quickly you've gotten everything situated. Want to lend a hand at our place? Or better yet, send your mom, dad and Matt over?!?

    Also love your studio inspiration shots. This has definitely been one of the funnest areas of our own house to work on. I wish you the same experience!

  5. It's looking so good......
    You do move quickly, it's nice you had some help too.
    It has taken me 2 years to feel settled in our new home and just as long to find all the bits etc......
    Tania Maree xx

    Scandi Coast Home AUSTRALIA

    1. Thank you! these are so old...thank you for the reminder to update :) Thanks for the comment and the follow on twitter! I would for you to follow my blog as well! Ill be following yours!


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