Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brainstorming for my Future Brainstorming Room

Well now that most of the rooms in the house are pretty much decorated (for now) Id like to start thinking about our office space.We have some great built-ins one of the walls and I have 2 desks...One is wooden with saw horse bases that Im thinking about painting white. The other is smaller with a metal base and glass top from West Elm. I have some nice chairs in there as well. Now I need to tie it all together. Im really big on organization ad everything having a designated spot.
I found some great inspiration images from some fellow bloggers...

I love how this space sticks with one color for the most part and adds a few pieces of complimentary color that pop out. I really like all the cubes, a spot for everything! The large pinup board is also great!
I found this image through Coco + Kelley
{Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, May 2010}

I love the tack board surface in this space...perfect for hanging straight edges and triangles ( and maybe a picture or two too!)
I know this is more of a closet but i love the clean white pallet thats bursting with color EVERYWHERE! I really like these storage pieces too...Lots of drawers, shelves, and cubbies!
Find out more about these two from Apartment Therapy.

I love the quirky, yet somewhat traditional lights, black and white palette with bright pops of color. The white simple boxes look great in the cube structure, framed by the windows and great curtains. What a great space to work in! I found this great image on 7th House on the Left's blog...Click here for more info from where it originated from, as well as MANY more workspace images! Tons of inspiration here!

I love this table! Mine is somewhat like this, mainly because of the sawhorse bases, but they are still in their original plain wood state. I really admire how the table is not just pushed up against the wall but placed in the middle of the space so that the user can face visitors and simply have a better outlook..guests or no guests! A much more positive feel to the conventional "shove it against the wall" method.  I found this on 7th House on the Left's blog as well but here is the story about the designer behind the space, Rebecca Loving.

I hope my workspace turns out as beautiful and inspiring as these lovely spaces!

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