Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Im working on our Moving Announcements...I posted the vector line drawing I drew a few weeks ago of our new house. Now I am putting it all together. I made the bottom graphic look like the modern "neutra esque" house numbers I plan on putting up like the day we move in :)
Ive only done two renditions so far. Which aspects do you like of each...Im probably going to end up mixing different elements from each together to create the final.


  1. I love the second one, it's brighter. Nice work!

  2. Emily---Congrats on your new blog, new house, new everything! Love the idea of your moving cards...the contrast of the 1st one pops for me!

  3. Nice work on both babe, however I'm leaning more towards the second design. I love how the brickwork on the house is showcased.

  4. Ok on th first one .... I love the vertical wording and the darkness on the bottom makes the numbers pop I like the clouds and bricks as M calls them on the second but I think you should change the backgroun color behind the brick maybe use the same color as the house!! Awesome work!


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