Thursday, November 4, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Im sooo excited Christmas (and Thanksgiving) is just around the corner! We are going to be so busy moving and getting the new crib put together that I thought I should probably start working on our Christmas Cards. I used photos from our recent August wedding and one of my favorite shots from our engagement photo shoot.
Its pretty different compared to the traditional Christmas cards (the regular red and green) but vie never really been traditional when it comes to that. I started collecting brightly colored pink, purple, turquoise, blue, lime, and silver ornaments in high school. They have adorned  my crisp white Christmas tree for the last few years. And of course I had  to add some Wilson orange on there too ;)


  1. So cute! It almost made me cry lol!! U even got 2010 on it the first time! =p love ya Sis!

  2. Love it, its orange! What about the doggies


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