Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A place to put bags...

Sounds kind of like a first year i.Arc project :) Oh how I {almost} miss those days.
So anyways, one of my responsibilities at Fortuna is to design custom labels for each shop we roast and distribute coffee for. I have designed about 50-60 labels since January! I also have a special label printer that prints short run labels. ( This machine is not my favorite piece of equipment...causes me oh so many problems and tried to eat my arm...twice. ) Well along with the labels come the bags...The problem is I sometimes need 30 bags in 6 different colors and they are stored in our warehouse. Ive been begging for a storage container for months but I really could never find anything I was happy with. So my boss gave me the assignment to design my own! Great idea...why didnt I think of that?
So not only will this piece hold and organize the bags it will also hold my material, lighting, and furniture spec books as well as my growing materials library. Yay!
Miro a freelance carpenter I work with on many projects will be constructing it out of leftover pieces of wood from other projects.

I modeled it in sketchup. I composed the 3 different views in a different model style. One of Sketchup 7's cool features...I love all three looks! Which style rendering do you like the best?


  1. Yea why didn't you think to design your own!? Knowing you it wouldn't surprise me if you decided to go ahead and build it yourself as well! haha. I like the 2nd model style the best! Because it almost looks like your rendering style :)

  2. I want two to go on each side of my fireplace or maybe you can jus cut one in half...


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