Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trash to Treasure

This past summer, while house hunting around town, I found something even greater than a potential house candidate. (Ok I might be exaggerating a bit, but this find was free.) This beauty had been neglected and thrown to the curb! And I was there to jump right in and grab it up. My husband thought I was crazy of course, (and told me I didn't need another chair... but you can never have too many chairs!) I had to have and I knew I'd find a place for it somewhere. Obviously the upholstery would need to be stripped away, but I would do that anyways with a curb find. The wood was in pretty good shape, just a few scratches. My dad helped me sand down the arms and legs and then add a few coats of tung oil to the wood. I had bought this dwell studio for Robert Allen fabric about a year ago and thought it would look great on this piece.

 So I took it to a local upholsterer in town and a week later I was the proud owner of this beauty!

They ripped off all the old fabric, foam, and batting and basically made it a new chair. It looks great and is really comfortable. It still has it's squeaking character but I think that gives it some charm. It's actually more than just a chair, it's a tilt back rocker... so I spend a lot of time rocking the baby here during the day.

So overall, I think this was a great project. I never turn away a great chair, especially if it is free! It just needed a little love and attention. I would take a unique, quality made vintage piece that has been revamped over a new production any day.

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