Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mixing in Some Mid Century Modern Goodness

I don't think it's any mystery to those of you who know me or who have followed my blog or other social media outlets...that I love me some mid century modern design. It inspires me, intrigues me, and it makes me happy. I love everything about it...the lines, gestures, textures, colors, and forms. I get excited when I see mcm chairs sprinkled throughout today's modern interiors. But as much as I love this genre, I think what I love to see even more is it mixed in with other styles in the home.


How great are these wide planked floors? I love how clean this space is. So fresh. The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair and Naguchi table look so great with the rustic floors and traditional fireplace. The pops or orange are fantastic. I want to be here!

At first glance, I get a more "traditional" vibe coming off this space. But wen you start to take a closer look, there are a lot of mod pieces being used. Proof that these modern classics work well in any interior, and can even flourish in a more conventional setting.

What a fun space. Oh so Scandinavian.  The crisp white walls are the best compliment for bold and bright pops of color and texture. That chair is perfect.

Yum. I love orange. I love how they have mixed the funky metal chair with the rustic old desk and newer plastic ikea chair. So many different levels of design being mixed.

Look at that lamp...not too modern at all huh? Or the cozy slip covered sofa...But that Bertoia diamond chair fits in perfectly. And that acrylic coffee table cart? Yes Please!


  1. Love this! I definitely need to start thinking about ways to incorporate this style into our home to work with it's features. Better yet...can I just hire you to decorate for me?? 0:-)

    1. Yes you do! I wish I lived closer and could come help! :)


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