Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project Coral

So I am working on a project at work for a high school senior's new bedroom. Her only request? Coral! So I began digging through Pinterest, and surprise, surprise... I found a ton of goodness. 

When I look for inspiration, I not only look at interiors, but better yet, I like to look at fashion, nature, and even art. As cliche as it sounds, those things really get me thinking more than a space that has already been done before.

Coral goes great with so many colors. It's so fresh. I was surprised at how popular it has already become with the gray family. Those two are perfect together! We love it with aqua and are introducing pops of lime. 

Can't wait to share more as the project unfolds. For now... Enjoy these great inspiration pics!

To see more of my coral inspiration images on my project coral board on Pinterest, click here.


  1. I have fallen hard for coral this year and have frantically been repinning your choices on Pinterst! So beautiful!

  2. Me too! Thanks for the repins.... Glad you enjoyed it!


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