Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Emily Davis Wilson. Im a designer {Interiors + Graphics}. I LOVE all things mid century modern. Vintage Furniture is quickly becoming my obsession. I love creating things { from announcements to spaces to desserts}. I love to get lost in blogs and be surrounded by creativity.

My happiness.

I married Matt in August 2010. Love him!

Here's Karmyn...She is 8 now!

And Mr.Levi is 7 months!!

Nora is my constant source of laughter.

And there's this guy...Lincoln. He's a big slobbery goof ball.

We just moved back (back for me, new for Matt) to TN in April 2013 and scored this amazing home. Follow along to see all my design dreams come to life in my blog posts here!

This "company" is not much of anything right now. Just a place to store my work of the past. But I hope one day it will be a thriving center for my creative endeavors!

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