Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birds love MCM too!

{Image Courtesy of Nathan Daniels...Burd Hause}

Ive always loved bird houses, mainly I think because of my Granny and Grandaddy. They loved birds and had birdhouses and feeders everywhere "out in the country" in their Tn home on 'Bluebird Hill'. I remember all the different ones; some that looked like a house, some that looked like a hotel, some made out of gourds, and then there were the hand made ones out of license plates. And the birds loved them all.

Now that I have a place of my own, I've been acquiring feeders. My favorites are the old yankee feeders that were my Grandaddy's. But recently I got this neat feeder from CB2. It looks great in the yard and despite the reviews, our birds aren't scared of it at all! 

{Image Courtesy of CB2}

 Now that I have this cool feeder, i would really like to add some modern houses to the yard.  Every mid century modern house needs a mid century modern bird house! I really like these below constructed from simple materials like plywood and scrap metal.

 {Image Courtesy of}

 {Image Courtesy of Tim Moorison}

 {Image Courtesy of Curbly}
I not only love this design... but they supply complete step by step instructions on how to construct this little beauty! I feel a project coming on! Now to put Matt and Dad to work ;)


  1. Yes! I have had a birdhouse on Matt's to-do list for several weeks now. We have a lot of scrap materials around the house. Maybe he can come up with something as cool as some of the ones you've posted. I'll keep you updated!

  2. haha! I know it...just have to find the time!


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