Monday, May 16, 2011

My floor needs a makeover....

...And while I would love nothing more than to rip up every piece of carpet in my house ( we could recycle it of course ) that is just not practical right now. So plan B...cover it up with gorgeous rugs.
I have always loved rugs and the texture, color, and completeness they bring to a space. Feel like your room is missing something? Does it have a beautiful rug that compliments the main components of the area and creates a space within the overall space? Well I know they are missing in some of my rooms. And Im dreaming of the day when i find the perfect ones for each room of my home ( and my pocket book...ouch). But until then I'll be thankful for what I have and anticipate my never-ending, always evolving, sometimes o.c.d.  project 818 the wilson home. ( oh and drool over these oh so cute rugs).

Gotta love the shag.

I love me some graphics in bold colors!

But I also adore crisp, clean, organic shapes and lines.

I like the asymmetrical qualities of this piece, both in the weight of the bubbles, the color, and the negative space. Very nice!

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  1. you can always stain the concrete and put down a rug! I want a new rug too!


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