Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern + Classic x Color (& Texture) = Irresistible Eclectic Living

I love when you see a space thats not cookie cutter, not straight out of the box, and not, well, expected. I love eclectic design. I know that it is main stream now but i still love it because its still different { i don't think that makes too much sense when I say it out loud...but in my head it does :) }. I love so many different styles, and yes it is nice to see those individual styles represented as a whole in their own era, i love just as much {if not more} to see them all mixed together. Especially when they get as colorful as these lovely spaces. Nothing like mid-century modern (my fave) meets baroque meets traditional. Which room is your fave? (Let me just say as much as I love the look of image 2...the one right not crazy about that rug. I love the color it adds to the equation, but i think its the texture thats throwing me off!)


  1. Haha- What you said actually makes perfect sense. I totally know what you mean. :) I also agree about the rug in the 2nd image... Not crazy about the style. My personal fave is the room with all that awesome white! Love the chandelier!

  2. Nice to know you speak my language! :)


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