Saturday, January 22, 2011

Interior Exploration: the space {inside} the space

I love nooks. [niches, dens, retreats] So one fad Im loving in interiors are spacial cubes. Sometimes this look and feel can be achieved with a literal cube that makes up a room within a large space, but it can also be done by simply applying a change, within a quadrant of the larger space, with color, materiality, and even lighting. The examples Im looking at are in the more literal definition, an actual cube of space. 
I love how these cubes draw you in, make a mark of importance, and contain almost a sense of mystery ( so that you must enter...its impossible to ignore it.)

The notion of "a space within a space" has intrigued me since my exploration of it during my studies in interior architecture during undergrad. To me, these spaces create recognition, and signify specialness. They are break out spaces. They are places for rest, relaxation, and meditation.

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