Friday, February 28, 2014

Armoire Lovin'

I stumbled upon this picture a few years ago and instantly fell in love with this idea. I'm a sucker for organization and throw furniture into the mix and I'm a goner. Just ask the husband :)

We don't have a dedicated space for an office, but we have all of our "office" stuff dispersed through out (printer, paper, stapler, books, tape, glue, utensils, etc.)

So I have been on the look out for an armoire to transform. I access our local resale pages on Facebook quite religiously and found one on there for a best offer. My budget was $50 (because i had just sold som clothes on there for that amount and figured I could just use that for my investment basically making it an even trade). So I offered $50 and she took it!

So here it is....

I am planning on changing out the hardware, leaving the exterior as is, painting the interior a fun color, adding a pull out shelf, a fabric pin board, and a chalk board.
Here are some more great inspiration pics I found on Pinterest.

{source: pinterest with no link ugh!}

I also stumbled upon this page from Better Homes and Gardens here. They have featured so many cute ways to reuse armoires in several different spaces of the home.  I love the flexibility they offer and some creative solutions for all different uses. They create a great source of organization and conceal potential mess while looking beautiful on the outside. I love that most are painted on the outside and interior, just another element of fun they offer. Check them out....maybe they will inspire you to come up with a creative use of your own.

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