Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our New Home...My Big Blank Canvas.

This post is long overdue. But you've got to start somewhere right? Back in the summer, when we thought we would never find the right home, we found this amazing house that had just landed on the market. We looked it the next day and were completely wowed. It was in the middle of Bartlett, a small town right outside of Memphis, but set back on a small quiet road filled with older homes on large 1-2 acre lots. The home had so much character and tons of potential. We put in an offer the next day and a month later it was ours. 
I started planning right away. The house was in great shape but was dated which was just fine with us.  I took dimensions, drew floor plans, and created 3d models. We spent months working on it and are almost done with the main first phase. I can't wait to share the progress posts with you. But for now here are some before's as well as some of the yard. We've got big plans for that as well! 

The entry foyer heading into the kitchen.

The living room facing the entry foyer.


The kitchen opening into the dining room

The dining room opening down into the den and the living room to the right.

The den which steps down from the dining room.

Bedroom 1 (which will be Karmyn's).

Hall Bathroom

Bedroom 2 (which will be the baby's nursery).

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

 Our lot goes back past that barn in the far back right of this image above.

There are three levels of patio/deck space in the back and tons of gorgeous plants. the past owners were avid gardeners.

The past owner built this deck by hand with a Arkansas field stone base. And how awesome is that huge tree the deck is built around?

You can't really tell from the front but the view from the back shows how big the house is... the bottom level is the basement!

One of my favorite elements is the amazing elongated bricks that the exterior is composed of. There is even an interior wall in the den with this material too!

So that's it for now...But stay tuned. The first before and after space post will be up soon! I really do promise.


  1. Yay! It looks great!!! We've totally been in the same process and it sure is exhausting. I can't wait to see your updates!

    1. Thanks Karla! I love seeing your home's pics too!


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