Monday, March 12, 2012

MmmMmmm Mustard

Don't you just love yellow? With spring right around the corner I just cant get enough! I love it anywhere on anything. Mustard is one of my favorite hues in the wonderful family of yellow. Mmmm tasty huh?

Can't have too much of this oh so lovely shade of sunshine.

Are you loving this tasteful tone that's no longer just a condiment?


  1. Yeap! Yellow is my favorite color! Especially when it's bright yellow! Great summery color!

  2. Olga Im sure yellow looks even more beautiful when it is in Greece! :)

  3. LOVE yellow! I'm doing a basement makeover and ALL the concrete floors are getting painted mustard yellow! I'm so excited :) A lot like this little house...

    1. ohmygosh I cant wait to see the finish product! I love that home you shared in the link above.

  4. Love this color next to cool gray. That headboard is also amazing.


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