Saturday, February 11, 2012

domino, domino, wherefore art thou domino?

Don't we all miss domino, that perfectly wonderful magazine of decorating? I recently received the book from my sweet husband. If you don't have it, you really need it! I cant put it down! Tons of fascinating facts, ideas, and images too! 
Well as if it doesn't get better than this, miraculously, domino announced on Tuesday that they will be coming out with domino quick fixes, hitting the stands on April 17th! i.can't.wait!


  1. Hello Emily, nice to see you on FB..and so fun you also have a blog

    Marie from classic style in the city

  2. LOL- when I saw this on fb I thought it was the dominos game.... I wondered why you were so excited :)

  3. Hummmm...I'll have to get that...:oP

  4. Hello Marie! Please follow along! Im trying to blog more often and would love to see your comments! I love Classic Style in the City! @bethany, haha it's my favorite magazine!, @Kuniko, you really should get it!


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