Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Your Entry Way Making a Good Impression?

There is something about fall that signals the start of many happy holidays ahead.  This wonderful time of year is all about filling our homes with family and friends. Whether it’s a Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, or New Year’s Eve … chances are that you are having someone over this holiday season. What impression are your guests getting from your home when they enter? Hopefully your home will be filled with fun and festive decor, but is your foyer reflecting your family’s unique character?

 It can be hard {and sometimes scary} to try to make a unique statement in larger living spaces. Most people go neutral and add pops of color and texture that will not only give them longevity in their rooms, but also outlast short-lived design trends – and there is nothing wrong with that! That’s definitely a smart way to approach a space in which you are making a large investment. But when it comes to your entry, it’s time to go out on a limb and live a little!

In most cases this is a smaller space, so you can make a big impact with little effort. One of the easiest ways to make a statement in your foyer is by choosing a great console or chest that is a reflection of you. Maybe there’s a style you love but would never want to risk using in a larger room. Why not try it in your entry? You can make a fun and unique statement here, and even though your style may become more subdued throughout your other living spaces, at least you have the chance to wow your guests as they come in!

 Family photography, art, plants, and mirrors can add to the statement of your home’s entry. If you’re really daring, try painting one wall with a trendy color or adding a bold geometric-patterned wallpaper! Your friends will be begging you for design tips in no time!

Starting with the foundation of your statement, pick your table. These are some of my favorites right now…

I’m loving these gorgeous mirrors too. Try mixing and matching a funky table with a traditional frame … or vise versa.

        The possibilities are endless! Of course you can keep your entry more formal or traditional. But Im not really a traditional kind of girl :)

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