Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Decked Out

So we got a (little) above ground pool. When I say little, Im talking not even 3' deep, however it does not equate to little when it comes to work. We dug for 3 days to get the ground level and of course its still not quite perfect. But...we LOVE it! Especially Karmyn. All this time, work, and investment in such a small pool (that's not quite on the permanent side) has got us thinking about upgrading one year to a larger pool. For cost reasons it would still be an above ground, but we look at this as an opportunity to create some wonderful outdoor spaces in our already lovely back yard.

(This image and the one above are from an awesome landscape design firm called earth inc. you should check them out! They are great!)

So....with the whole above ground pool...we really want to tie it in to the great outdoor features that are already here like our patio and small deck. We are thinking of adding to the deck by enlarging it and adding some levels as well as stairs of course. We would also increase the deck to encompass the perimeter of the pool so that it all looks more built in rather than just a pool plopped down in our yard. It will be more like a entertainment deck system with a pool sunk in!
And in some nice railing, cool lighting, concealed storage and some comfy seating space and voila!


We cant wait! You are all invited! ;)

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