Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Modern Walnut Platform Bed Yumminess!

Maybe its the fact that I adore walnut,  or that orange is my favorite color, or may the fact that I have always wanted a platform bed. But everything about this space draws me in and makes me want to live in here! ahhh! I love the closet system in the background, the awesome natural light, the beautiful bureau, and the organic vases. This space is a clean and simplistic yet gorgeous work of art. But more than anything I LOVE the bed. I love this shape...I have designed a few products based off of a similar concept. I like how you can see under it too because of the simple mattress ( dream world talkin' now! you'd never see under mine with my blankets hangin' all over the place!) I also like the support that is a long short horizontal element in a lighter wood that acts as a piece to set things on and store things in.... both by concealing and revealing. Brilliant.

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