Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bostons are the best!

I know I havent blogged about her all that much... but I happen to have one of the world's BEST dogs... her name is Nora and she is a Boston Terrier. She will be two years old in March and has filled my world with laughter ever since she danced into it. (yes, she dances..on her two back feet with her front two in the air. its adorable. and hilarious!) My mom loves boston's equally as much...they really crack us up. We aways give each other boston terrier cards and other little treasures. I even got my mom one for Christmas! Thats him pictured below with Karmyn. She named him Tucker. He is super cute as well.

I was SO excited when I stumbled upon this illustrator, Lili Chin. Her work is so great AND not only does she draw Boston's but she also draws them with classic modern chairs. wow. im loving it!
You can order her prints or calendars here! Sign me up!

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  1. My pup's name is Nora as well. People thought we were crazy for giving her a human name, but I couldn't resist. I think it's adorable. As is your Nora. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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